Grupo Frisa starts construction of Monterrey Tech Park

MONTERREY, NL – Grupo Frisa began construction of its new industrial park “Monterrey Tech Park”, located in the municipality of Marín, Nuevo León, in which it will invest US$150 million.

The industrial park has an area of 27 hectares and a profitable surface of 160,000 square meters. It is estimated that this project will create around 1,500 direct jobs.

“Now with the demand generated by nearshoring, we are starting and building new products, which include this new space,” said Carlos Rivera, CEO of Frisa Industrial Parks and Housing Division.

The company indicated that with this new development it seeks to strengthen the region’s industrial infrastructure and promote the creation of a dynamic and vibrant technological system.

He also highlighted Monterrey Tech Park as the future magnet for high-tech companies, contributing to the growth of the local and regional economy to new heights.

Finally, Carlos Rivera highlighted the importance of development in the current context of nearshoring, which will allow them to fulfill their vision of growth for both the company and the region.



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